Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow Missouri is a homegrown cannabis brand centered in Missouri that presents an interesting blend of local roots and high-quality standards. The company operates as a vertically integrated craft cannabis firm, implying that it controls the entire process of its product’s journey from seed to sale. This allows Blue Arrow to maintain high quality and consistency throughout its product line. It’s commendable that the company aims not just to serve Missouri’s burgeoning cannabis market but also to play a pivotal role in advancing medical cannabis as a primary component of the state’s healthcare system. The focus on alleviating long-term pain and enhancing wellness through platinum-tier, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to its patients and customers. Hence, the Blue Arrow brand is prominent at our Sunrise Beach, MO, dispensary. Our customers love high-quality cannabis products.

Product Quality and Promise

The brand promises to cultivate and process high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade marijuana free from pesticides and pollutants. This commitment is essential in an industry where quality assurance is paramount, and it speaks to Blue Arrow’s commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its customers. The company’s dedication to continuous research and development and to creating generic and artisanal Blue Arrow brand products shows a strong focus on innovation. The variety of products, from low-dose cannabis to potent plant medicine, ensures a range of options for customers with varying needs.

Team and Expertise

The management and advisory team behind Blue Arrow is a mix of experienced professionals from various backgrounds, including law, business, finance, and the cannabis industry itself. This combination of experience and skills puts the company in a strong position to navigate the industry’s business and regulatory aspects. The team’s connections throughout Missouri also give the brand an advantage regarding potential partnerships and networking opportunities.

Customer Experience and Facilities

Blue Arrow is well-situated to serve customers across the state with its cultivation and manufacturing facilities in St. Louis and a dispensary in Sunrise Beach (Lake of the Ozarks). The brand also promises to create an enjoyable and educational dispensary experience for its clients, guiding them to make the best product choices. This focus on customer education and support is valuable in the medical cannabis industry, which can confuse newcomers. We always do our best to help our customers learn the basics.

Social Responsibility

Blue Arrow’s commitment to giving back to the residents of Missouri is an essential part of its brand identity. The company’s partnerships with non-profit organizations show a commitment to social responsibility that sets it apart.


Blue Arrow is a brand focused on quality, customer wellness, and community engagement. With its commitment to high-quality products, continuous research and development, customer education, and social responsibility, the brand is well-positioned as a leader in Missouri’s medical cannabis industry. The diverse and experienced team will likely steer the company toward success in the emerging marketplace. The company’s promise to provide medical-grade products that cater to specific needs signals a deep understanding of and commitment to the medical cannabis industry.

However, seeing more transparency in the brand’s operational practices would be beneficial, particularly in ensuring its products’ promised quality and safety. Customer reviews. Testimonials also provide a complete picture of the brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Still, from the information provided, Blue Arrow is a reputable and reliable choice for medical and recreational cannabis in Missouri.

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