CLOVR Cannabis

Established and headquartered in Kansas City, CLOVR Cannabis stands out as a vertically integrated cannabis-infused product manufacturer committed to safety, consistency, and quality for the people of Missouri.

Product Quality and Authenticity:

Our customers here at Budd love this brand. 

Vertical Integration: As the extractor, infuser, and distributor of its products, CLOVR takes complete control of its supply chain, ensuring that the product consumers receive is genuine and as advertised.

No Hidden Elements: Their direct statement against using chemicals or other hidden elements indicates a transparent and trustworthy brand.

Diverse Product Line: From edibles like chocolates and gummies to vape pens, concentrates, and beverages, CLOVR’s product range seems designed to appeal to a diverse array of consumer preferences, challenging the idea that cannabis consumption has a one-size-fits-all approach.

Brand Philosophy and Mission:

Accessible Cannabis: CLOVR’s primary belief is that legal and quality cannabis should be available to all, positioning it as an alternative to prescription drugs. This stance serves the consumer market and addresses broader social issues like the opioid crisis.

Community and Education: CLOVR emphasizes community education about the benefits of cannabis. Their focus on providing alternative opioids and offering relief for those burdened with medical bills showcases a brand committed to societal betterment.

Changing Perception: Through consistent efforts, CLOVR aims to reshape public opinion on cannabis, normalizing its perception in mainstream society.

Team and Culture:

Family and Expertise: Referring to their team as a family, CLOVR is built on the collective knowledge of cannabis experts, aiming to establish itself as a reliable brand for all.

Education Centric: CLOVR takes pride in its well-educated staff and the quality of its products, ensuring consumers are well-informed about their purchases.

Collaborative and Dynamic: The brand thrives on collaboration across departments, adapting to the fast-paced changes in the cannabis industry, and places a strong emphasis on its human-first approach, ensuring both professional growth and well-being for its team members.

Passion Driven: CLOVR’s approach to setting ambitious goals, encouraging risks, and fostering open communication indicates a passionate work environment.


CLOVR Cannabis emerges as a brand that marries product quality with social responsibility. Their comprehensive involvement in product creation ensures authenticity that consumers can trust. Beyond just selling products, CLOVR focuses on educating its community, making it stand out as a brand genuinely invested in the well-being of its consumers and society. Their dynamic work culture and commitment to their team further solidify the brand’s reputation. For those seeking quality cannabis products from a brand that aims to make a positive societal impact, CLOVR Cannabis presents itself as a strong contender in the market.

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