Escape Artists

Escape Artists, a Colorado-born brand now marking its footprint in Nevada through Deep Roots Harvest, emerges as a refined addition to the cannabis topicals market. Tailored for individuals who value intentionality, the brand aims to be a companion to those seeking to integrate cannabis benefits seamlessly into their daily lives.

Product Quality and Formulation:

Pharmaceutical Standards: Escape Artists differentiates itself with its science-backed formulations, employing pharmaceutical technologies to enhance the effectiveness of its topicals. This ensures deeper penetration at the cellular level, a feature not always promised in cannabis topicals.

Purity and Consistency: The brand’s commitment to using purified cannabidiol and cannabis extract in a water-based solution ensures that users experience a smooth application devoid of the undesirable greasiness typical in some topicals.

Quality of Ingredients: Escape Artists strongly emphasizes sourcing premium ingredients from reputable purveyors. The notable absence of parabens and phthalates reinforces the brand’s dedication to quality and consumer safety.

Product Range:

The variety of topicals caters to the diverse needs of our medical marijuana patients here at Budd.

800mg CBD/800mg THC Relief Cream (Rose with Bergamot): Targeted for those who desire a balance between THC and CBD, this cream promises relief without an intoxicating effect. The added rose, and bergamot fragrance makes the experience more sensory and inviting.

300mg CBD/300mg THC Relief Cream (Lavender): Specially tailored for post-physical activity use, the 1:1 ratio combined with a soothing lavender scent ensures relaxation while targeting muscle aches.

300mg CBD/300mg THC Relief Cream (Unscented): Recognizing the diversity in consumer preferences, this unscented version is ideal for those sensitivities to fragrances.

800mg CBD/40mg THC Relief Cream (Lavender and Menthol): Designed for profound relief, these variants cater to different sensory preferences while boasting an impressive 20:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Applications and Benefits:

Diverse Usage: Whether addressing chronic conditions, aiding athletes in their recovery process, or assisting the everyday individual with routine aches, Escape Artists is an adaptable companion for many.

Alternative Consumption: By offering topicals as an alternative to traditional consumption methods like smoking or edibles, Escape Artists fill an essential niche in the market, appealing to those who may be apprehensive about conventional methods. This is one of the biggest reasons we carry their products at our dispensary. 


Escape Artists successfully marries science with the holistic benefits of cannabis. By blending pharmaceutical technologies with premium-grade ingredients, the brand stands out in its promise of delivering effective and consistent results. Their range of topicals, each designed with a specific purpose, signifies a thoughtful approach to consumer needs. For individuals looking for a reliable, high-quality cannabis topical solution, Escape Artists proves to be an inviting and credible choice.

If you want to know more about this brand, don’t hesitate to contact our budtenders.