Franklin’s Stash House

Franklin’s Stash House stands out as an infused cannabis products manufacturer with a firm grasp on the necessity of customer engagement and product quality. Rooted in Missouri, the brand aligns its core values around a proactive approach to customer feedback and a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients. We always let the brand know what our customers are saying. They love the feedback!

Brand Mission & Customer Focus:

Franklin’s Stash House pivots its brand mission around the consumer. By positioning the brand as one that not only listens to but also implements customer feedback, they are setting themselves apart in an industry where the voice of the customer can often get lost amidst rapid product development. This customer-centric approach, emphasizing the experience of both patients and budtenders, is a powerful brand strategy, fostering loyalty and trust.

Engagement and Feedback Loop:

Franklin’s digital engagement strategy is apparent. They maintain an open dialogue with their customer base by encouraging online interactions and feedback. This strategy is underpinned by a belief that meaningful ideas and innovation stem from the people who use their products daily – the patients and budtenders.

Quality and Sourcing:

Franklin’s Stash House keeps ingredient quality high. Their emphasis on using only the “freshest, highest quality ingredients” is a testament to their dedication to product excellence. By sourcing their cannabis flower from a meticulously vetted list of indoor cultivators within Missouri, they ensure product consistency. The fact that only 8% -10% of approved cultivation facilities meet their strict supply chain standards speaks volumes about their commitment to unparalleled quality. Our customers here at Budd always tell us how fresh their products are. 


While many brands might keep their ingredient sources under wraps, Franklin’s Stash House takes a transparent approach. They might keep their unique formulations confidential but are open about where their raw materials come from. This transparency can foster trust among consumers increasingly concerned about the origins and quality of the products they consume.


Franklin’s Stash House emerges as a brand deeply committed to its customer base and product quality. By prioritizing the feedback loop, they ensure they remain agile and relevant in a fast-paced industry. Their rigorous sourcing standards and commitment to transparency further cement their position as a trustworthy and top-tier cannabis-infused products manufacturer. The brand’s philosophy of placing the customer at the forefront of product innovation is commendable and will likely resonate with a market that values being heard and respected.

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