As the name suggests, Funny Bone introduces a playful and appetizing approach to the cannabis-infused chocolate sector. Merging fun, creativity, and potency, the brand’s offerings promise a blend of mouthwatering flavors complemented by adequate THC levels. We carry this brand at Budd because our customers love them!

Flavor & Quality:

Funny Bone bars stand out primarily due to their unique flavor profiles. Incorporating unconventional yet nostalgic ingredients, such as crispy potato chip pieces, creme-filled chocolate cookie pieces, and fruity-flavored crispy rice cereal, showcases their commitment to innovation and taste exploration. The brand seems to take pride in its promise of delivering chocolate that “actually tastes good” – reassuring consumers seeking a delicious edible experience without the typical drawbacks of a hempy aftertaste.


With THC levels prominently ranging between 300 mg to a more potent 500 mg, Funny Bone caters to consumers looking for a more robust cannabis experience. The high THC content, especially in a market filled with varying dosages, places Funny Bone in the bracket of brands catering to seasoned cannabis consumers and those looking for potent effects. Our medical customers report that the 500mg dose helps them sleep better.

Product Range:

From “Bake My Day,” with its inviting combination of white chocolate, chocolate chips, and creme-filled chocolate cookie pieces, to “Flint Stoned,” which evokes memories of childhood cereals with its fruity-flavored crispy rice cereal element, Funny Bone’s assortment is as diverse as it is intriguing. The creative naming convention, such as “Deez Nuts” and “Wanna Spoon,” adds an element of humor and playfulness, enhancing the brand’s appeal and memorability. This is one of the most enjoyable brands to work with. Our customers always smile when they see the names of their products. 


The brand’s outreach to potential partners indicates a proactive business approach. By inviting retailers to add Funny Bone Chocolate Bars to their lineup, they’re positioning themselves as a desirable and marketable product that can enhance a store’s offerings and appeal to a wide customer base.


Funny Bone is not just another cannabis-infused chocolate brand. Its eclectic mix of flavors, high THC content, and playful branding promises an experience that’s both gustatorily satisfying and potently effective. The brand’s emphasis on quality and taste and its unique flavor pairings make it stand out in a crowded market. Their approach is bold and whimsical, catering to consumers who appreciate humor and nostalgia with their cannabis experience.

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