Good Taste Edibles

Good Taste Edibles celebrates the union of nostalgia and modern cannabis culture. Hailing from St. Louis, the brand infuses its products with THC and a sense of yesteryears reminiscent of candies and treats from childhood. It distinctly positions itself not just as a provider of cannabis edibles but as a curator of memories.

Origin and Influence:

“Born & baked in St. Louis” – this catchy phrase isn’t just a tagline but a testament to Good Taste Edibles’ roots. The brand draws inspiration from old-school candy shops, bakeries, and confectioneries. The focus isn’t solely on the THC but on recreating flavors that transport users back to simpler times.

Product Philosophy:

The brand acknowledges a witty play on words, highlighting that while their gummies and crispies aren’t “baked” traditionally, they’re designed to provide that euphoric experience. This playful approach to communication makes the brand approachable and relatable.

Flavor Profiling:

Good Taste Edibles’ flavor profiles, such as Cookies, Cream, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate, are iconic. These flavors aren’t chosen at random but are refined versions of timeless classics. By focusing on these universally loved combinations, Good Taste ensures their products resonate with a broad audience, from seasoned cannabis enthusiasts to curious first-timers.

Nostalgia as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

One of the standout features of Good Taste Edibles is its emphasis on nostalgia. In an industry that’s often forward-facing, looking for the next innovation or exotic flavor, Good Taste takes a step back. It refers to the past, reminding users of their favorite treats growing up. This familiarity can be incredibly comforting and sets the brand apart in a saturated market.


Good Taste Edibles seamlessly blends the past with the present, ensuring every bite is a taste and a trip down memory lane. By infusing their products with THC and a hefty dose of nostalgia, they’ve positioned themselves as more than just another edibles brand. They curate memorable experiences rooted in tradition but tailored for today’s discerning consumer.

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