In an industry inundated with ever-evolving ways to consume cannabis, GRAV Labs has steadily emerged as a reliable, artful, and scientific name synonymous with precision and quality. Based in Austin, Texas, the brand is much more than its products; it’s a testament to the intricate marriage of art, science, and cannabis consumption.

Origins and Evolution:

GRAV’s history is as rich as its designs. Originating in 2004 from a vibrant and diverse artistic community in Austin, the brand has roots intertwined with creativity and innovation. With an ambiance painted by pedicabs and artists and the unmistakable whiff of cannabis, the brand’s early days at a dingy warehouse complex evoke images of a gritty, passionate genesis. The brand’s inception during the early 2000s is reminiscent of a time less complicated, focusing purely on the art and the experience.

Product Design and Quality:

At its core, GRAV emphasizes the importance of precision in cannabis consumption instruments. This precision isn’t devoid of beauty – with roots deeply embedded in artistry, GRAV ensures that each product is functional and a work of art. Every piece sold undergoes a rigorous design, prototyping, and quality inspection process, all from their base in Austin. From its initial days, GRAV has expanded its repertoire from a few products to an entire range covering every significant category of pipe.

The Gravitron stands as a testament to GRAV’s innovation. As the first all-glass gravity bong, it exemplifies efficiency in flower consumption and showcases the brand’s commitment to elevating the smoking experience.

Mission and Advocacy:

Beyond its products, GRAV is deeply committed to shaping a responsible and equitable cannabis industry. With a reach surpassing any single dispensary or cultivator, the brand harnesses its influence for positive change. This commitment extends beyond mere words – GRAV actively supports initiatives like the Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. As social justice activists and an inclusive employer, their role further solidifies their dedication to building a just cannabis space.

The brand’s “Find Your Higher Self” mantra resonates with its mission. It invites users to enjoy the products and connect with a deeper understanding and appreciation of cannabis. Whether that connection manifests as a playful experience, a spark of creativity, or an educational journey into the annals of cannabis history, GRAV seeks to elevate the user’s experience on multiple levels.


GRAV Labs is not just another brand in the cannabis industry. It represents the confluence of art, science, advocacy, and quality. Born from a vibrant community of artists and thinkers and matured through years of dedication to product excellence and social responsibility, GRAV is not just about providing tools for cannabis consumption. It’s about enhancing the experience, advocating for positive change, and inviting users to find their higher selves. It’s an emblem of where the cannabis industry can go when passion, precision, and purpose come together.