Keef Brands

Amidst the burgeoning cannabis industry, Keef Brands has emerged as a pioneering force in the cannabis beverage domain. Born from the vision of Erik Knutson in Boulder, Colorado, the brand resonates with innovation, inclusivity, and an unquenchable spirit of fun.

Historical Footprint:

Keef Brands embarked on its journey in 2010, aiming to intertwine the merry, communal essence of drinking with the unique magic of cannabis. This vision was solidified with an unexpected seal of approval from Erik’s Grandma Dee, whose endorsement of the prototype “Keef Cola” spoke volumes. From a mere concept a decade ago, today, Keef stands tall, having transformed into an award-winning brand with a strong presence across multiple US states and even extending to Canada.

Product Diversification:

While its initiation was rooted in “Keef Cola”, the brand has splendidly expanded its portfolio. Keef now boasts of various popular beverage options and even ventures into the domain of CO2-extracted oil for vape cartridges. The brand’s reach is expansive, with distribution across thousands of licensed dispensaries from California, Colorado, and Missouri to Puerto Rico and Canada.

Core Values:

At the heart of Keef Brands are values that champion togetherness, celebration, and adventure.

Togetherness: Keef’s message is clear – come together, relish good times, and partake in the euphoria of cannabis-infused drinks.

Celebration: Beyond just products, Keef embodies a movement to elevate the social charm of cannabis, emphasizing sharing, giving, and connecting.

Inclusiveness: Keef’s arms are open to all – newcomers or the experienced, highlighting its universal appeal.

Adventure: With Keef, there’s an invitation to view the world through a unique lens, with every moment punctuated by laughter and exploration.

Remixing Expectations: By combining the allure of drinking with cannabis’s charm, Keef offers a fresh way to cherish moments with friends.

Fun: Embodied in the brand is an unwavering spirit of fun and celebration.


Keef Brands isn’t just another name in the cannabis industry. It is a testament to innovation, community, and celebration. From its roots in Boulder to its widespread reach today, Keef exemplifies the power of vision, the joy of togetherness, and the unparalleled magic of cannabis. Offering an alternative to alcohol beckons a new generation to embrace an inventive way to celebrate and bask in life’s joys.