In the sprawling market of cannabis edibles, Robhots stands out not just as a purveyor of quality gummies but as a brand that’s evolved, innovated, and expanded while retaining its roots. Founded in Colorado and now expanding its horizons, Robhots is symbolic of the evolution of the legal cannabis market. Our customers can’t stop talking about this brand. They love it!

Origin & Brand Evolution:

The Humble Beginnings:

Robots’ journey began in 2014, stemming from the founder’s dissatisfaction with the need for consistent and tasty edibles in the Colorado marketplace. The brand’s unique name and original product—a robot-shaped gummy infused with Butane Hash Oil (BHO)—showcases the brand’s early creativity and resourcefulness.

Transition to Legal Market:

Transitioning from a homegrown brand to the legal marketplace is no small feat. However, in just 18 months, by October 2015, Robhots had succeeded in making their debut in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Market. Their product line featured eight diverse flavors, emphasizing both quantity and quality.

Adaptation & Relaunch:

In 2016, regulatory changes in Colorado mandated alterations to the gummy’s design and logo. Instead of viewing this as a setback, Robhots took it as an opportunity. They revamped their design and improved their recipe, resulting in a softer gummy consistency. Moreover, the switch from BHO to raw THC distillate allowed for a purer THC experience and a more pronounced flavor profile.

Product Line Expansion:

Robhots displayed adaptability by venturing into the recreational market in 2018. They modified their product dosages to suit a broader audience while emphasizing their medical consumer base. This inclusivity further solidified their reputation in the industry.

Geographical Expansion:

2020 marked a pivotal moment for Robhots as they expanded beyond Colorado, entering the Missouri market. This expansion was a business venture and a homecoming, as the founder originally hailed from Missouri. Robhots also proudly made history by becoming the first brand to sell a legally infused edible in Missouri. We are glad they decided to move to our home state of Missouri, and so are our customers. 

Wellness Focus – Robhots Plus:

Robhots’ innovation shone again with the 2021 launch of the Robhots Plus line, emphasizing overall wellness. Moving away from typical indica/sativa distinctions, this line focuses on the holistic benefits of multiple cannabinoids in combination with THC. The introduction of strain-specific full-spectrum rosin gummies showcases their commitment to a diverse and quality product range.

Recognition & Awards:

Robhots’ dedication to quality and innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed. The brand has been featured in renowned publications like High Times Magazine, DOPE Magazine, and Kansas City Star. Their accolades, which include multiple first-place wins for their gummies, are a testament to their dedication to excellence.


Robhots is more than just another edible brand; it’s a story of passion, innovation, and growth. From its initial robot-shaped gummies to their wellness-focused Robhots Plus line, the brand has continuously evolved while staying true to its mission of providing quality and consistency. As they continue to grow and reach new markets, Robhots will undoubtedly remain a prominent figure in the cannabis edibles industry.

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