Smokey River Cannabis

Smokey River Cannabis is a pivotal player in Missouri’s burgeoning cannabis market. As 2023 ushers in recreational marijuana sales in the state, Smokey River stands out among the 200 brands and over 10,000 products that have come to market. Their association with culturally relevant events, like the first 420 Festival featuring Wiz Khalifa, speaks to their dynamism and strategic branding approach.

Community Engagement:

Central to Smokey River’s ethos is its commitment to community. Their parent company, Besa Brands and Service, underpins their efforts to be a community-centered brand. Through initiatives such as sponsoring the Kansas City Comets indoor soccer team and fostering relationships with local authorities, Smokey River places a premium on public outreach. Their work with the Smokey River Entertainment District further solidifies their mission to integrate cannabis into the community.

Product Quality:

A brand review would only be complete by discussing product quality. Smokey River is not just about community connection; they’re equally committed to producing superior products. Using cutting-edge equipment and safety protocols, they promise customers top-tier cannabis offerings. Their focus on quality extends from the product itself to packaging and presentation. Their sleek, straightforward, and compliance-focused design targets a market ready for adult recreational use.

Company Culture:

Smokey River Cannabis touts a company culture built on authenticity and camaraderie. They are described as a brand that might appear “rough around the edges” but is passionate. The company promotes a familial environment with shared activities, highlighting its commitment to its internal community and external consumer base.

Market Differentiation:

Smokey River Cannabis believes in continuous innovation. They differentiate themselves through their people, processes, technology, and offerings. Their brand may project a rugged image, but meticulous attention to detail behind the scenes ensures they deliver products they’re genuinely proud of. Their Entertainment District venture, association with the upcoming Creepshow KC festival, and collaboration with Oregon Tek for the first Missouri Growers Cup all illustrate their push to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Brand Message:

When customers choose Smokey River, they opt for honesty, integrity, and a brand with their back. The company wants customers to appreciate the care and detail that go into their products, ensuring quality and satisfaction at every purchase point.

Product Line Highlight:

The team at Smokey River is particularly proud of their solventless products. Their raspberry live rosin, with its vibrant purple hue and exceptional aroma and taste, stands out as a testament to the skill and passion of their production team.

Future Outlook:

Smokey River Cannabis isn’t one to rest on its laurels. They’re determined to keep consumers engaged and intrigued with plans for multi-packs, higher-dosed products at affordable rates, and some titillating surprises in the pipeline. Their collaboration on dablicator products exemplifies their commitment to innovation and customer-centric product development.


In a booming market teeming with competition, Smokey River Cannabis has carved a niche for itself. With its blend of community outreach, quality products, and a forward-thinking approach, this brand is undoubtedly one to watch as it continues to shape Missouri’s cannabis landscape.