Tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0 is a symbolic fusion of sportsmanship, entrepreneurship, and the growing wave of cannabis acceptance. Originating from the personal experiences of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, this brand exudes a sense of power and finesse reminiscent of Tyson’s time in the ring. Infused with a mission of innovation and accessibility, Tyson 2.0 positions itself as a brand of the people, making quality cannabis products accessible to a wide audience.

Historical Context:

The brand’s genesis is deeply rooted in Mike Tyson’s journey with cannabis. Having utilized it as a tool during his prime boxing days, he champions the plant for its relaxation properties and potential to sharpen focus. This personal testament adds a layer of authenticity to the brand, connecting its offerings to a business goal and a transformative personal experience. Our customers love this story.

Product Range:

Tyson 2.0 showcases a commendable diversity in its product offerings. Their three distinct lines of flowers cater to varied consumer preferences. The greenhouse and sun-grown flower lines perfectly match those seeking natural growth conditions and slightly lower potencies. Meanwhile, enthusiasts seeking higher potency can delve into their indoor flower range. The “Toad” line is particularly intriguing, which stands out both for its potency and unique backstory related to Tyson’s psychedelic experiences. This variety ensures the brand resonates with casual and seasoned cannabis users.

Moreover, their strategic product offerings like the “Heavy Bags” in markets like Colorado cleverly intertwine Tyson’s boxing legacy with their brand identity, bridging nostalgia and modern consumption. The availability of pre-rolled joints, edibles, drinks, and marijuana concentrates further establishes Tyson 2.0 as a versatile brand catering to various cannabis consumption methods. Our medical marijuana patients love the potent edibles. They report sleeping well after dosing with Tyson’s edibles. 


One of the brand’s salient features is its balance between premium quality and affordability. While many cannabis brands can often alienate potential customers due to steep prices, Tyson 2.0’s commitment to wide accessibility, demonstrated by products like the “Heavy Bags” retailing under $100, makes quality cannabis attainable for a broader demographic.


Tyson 2.0 emerges as a dynamic brand, intricately weaving Mike Tyson’s powerful legacy with the contemporary cannabis market’s needs. By prioritizing both quality and accessibility, Tyson 2.0 presents a compelling proposition for cannabis enthusiasts nationwide. Their diverse product lineup, backed by Tyson’s authentic personal experiences, positions the brand as a trustworthy and innovative choice in the cannabis marketplace. As always, potential consumers should conduct their research, review user testimonials, and consult professionals to ensure an informed and safe choice.

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