Product Spotlight Chemdawg OG Live Resin Cartridge

Chem Dawg OG is a cross of two legendary strains, Chem Dawg x OG Kush

Top Terpenes:

Phellandrene (Also found in mint, dill, & cinnamon)
Phellandrene is known to increase energy levels, reduce pain, and aids as an anti-cancer.

Sabinene (Also found in juniper, cloves, & nutmeg)
Sabinene is known to have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. It can help improve digestion, and slow down bacterial growth.

Ocimene (also found in mint, parsley, & orchids)
Omicene is known to have anti-convulsant, anti-fungal, anti-tumor properties as well as a decongestant.

What Patients Are Saying:

Excellent cerebral high, it kind of crept up on me. No downer, stoned effects or couch lock at all.

Chemdawg OG is a great strain, perfect for any time of the day. I can say that this strain is absolutely beyond delicious.

Loved the piney taste. Great day time buzz as it also gave me pain relief while I’m out doing my daily activities. Really like the fact that it didn’t give me the anxiety and paranoia that sativas usually give me.