Product Spotlight: Zkittlez Flower

This cultivar won 1st place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and has placed in several Cannabis Cups in Michigan and California.

Zkittlez is a cross of Grape Ape x Grapefruit.

Zkittlez is filled with a fruity aroma. Its terpenes are also known as “candy terps.” For this reason, Zkittlez can be found in the lineage of many strains.

Top Terpenes

Caryophyllene (also found in pepper)
Linalool (also found in lavender)
Humulene (also found in hops)

What Patients Are Saying:

I can taste a little citrus flavor from the grapefruit, and a lot of sweet berries and grapes.

“I have the hardest time getting hungry. It usually takes combinations of strains to get me to choke down a few mouthfuls of food. This strain caught me completely by surprise; 10 hits in, and I devoured an entire pizza by myself.

I am very impressed by how true this is about being focused. My ADHD is so bad; I came off meds for this very reason. It’s true to the effects!